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ALL Orders Will Now Go Thru Workday!

We have created a catalog within Workday for (similar to Staples)

you can follow this link to the catalog....                                                                                                                      $6575.htmld

Note: Invoices will be sent to Canada electronically in a monthly batch so all you have to do is go in to workday and receive the items, you won't need to upload any invoices.

Regarding CAPEX items, all of the items in the catalog have been coded for either shop supplies or capex based on codes from corporate so they will be automatically capitalized.


If you need something that is NOT in the catalog you can request a quote from us thru the “contact us” link and we'll send an email with a quote number that you can retrieve and process in "quick quote" from our site within Workday.

Also… if you think we should add something to the catalog for the benefit of the other stores please make a suggestion thru the “contact us” form.


OR you can..Login to your account.

Then choose “view all apps” link on the right side.

Then choose the “requisitions” link. (4th item down)

Then choose “connect to supplier website” under ordering methods.

And then click “connect” to the “gerber equipment site” catalog. (all the way to the right)

Add items to your cart and checkout/submit to send it thru the approval process.